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Orange County Plumbing Champions: Call Us for Efficient Epoxy Reline Service

Are you facing frequent clogs and leakages? If yes then without losing much time contact Orange County Plumbing Champions for an inspection. Our efficient plumbers will suggest you the most viable option for the problem. Though replacement of old pipes is a preferred choice many homeowners shy away from it as it’s both expensive and time consuming. To do away with this dilemma of home owners Orange County Plumbing Champions offer the more advanced and cost-effective option of relining old pipes with epoxy resin.

What is Pipe Relining

Epoxy Relining Services Orange County CA

Relining is a no dig or trenchless technology which is one of the main advantages over traditional excavation of sewer. This involves inserting a new pipe within an existing pipe. This process is advantageous as it doesn’t harm the environment and you will not find people messing up the area by digging up everywhere. The cost of relining process is also considerably less as compared to traditional method of repairing of damaged sewer pipes. And besides being highly convenient relining ensures long lasting results.

When to Opt for Relining Service

Relining is a good option when your pipes are experiencing pinhole leaks, failing copper, or low water flow. Change of water color or water contamination due to lead and copper requires you to consult professional plumbers and opt for this non-invasive solution. If your pipes are made of metal, steel, plastic, concrete or fiberglass this method is recommended.

This method is also called CIPP or Cured-in-place pipe technology. No matter by whatever name you call, epoxy technology offers the strength of new pipe without having to remove the old pipe. It’s a tried and tested technology and an environmentally friendly method appreciated by all.

Plumbing Pipe Epoxy Reline Service

At Orange County Plumbing Champions, we first map the pipe and then do spot checking. Once that is done, pipes are heated, dried and compressed with air. A safe corrosive agent is propelled through the pipe which helps in doing away with rust and weathering by-products that are over-time collected in a unit for disposal. This is not the end. Pressurized air is once again supplied to get rid of fine particles. This process of epoxy relining service allows plumbers to dry and clean the existing pipes with ease and protecting it from further corrosion.

Before the pipe is inserted and before applying epoxy coating, an optimal exterior temperature is set. Along with it, air pressure leak test is also performed. Air is then introduced to the pipe to dispense the epoxy coating evenly throughout the whole pipe. Continuous controlled air is then pumped through the piping to enable epoxy treatment. The couplings and valves are refitted after epoxy coating and a concluding leak test is done to confirm the success of the coating. Volume, color of the water and its flow are tested before finally giving it a thumbs up.

There are no second thoughts that epoxy lining is a long term solution for leaks and blockages. It also prevents growth of molds and ensures good water flow. The coating serves as an obstruction to heavy metal contamination in drinking water lines. It is the best form of treatment for potable water lines as the evenly coated lining is harmless and works wonders for years which will save the trouble of blocked drains and leaked pipes. The new and improved lining lasts for long which increases the water flow while preventing corrosion and water contamination.

The best part of relining service is that pipes are cleared and restored without any digging and excavation. This is not a very new technology and technicians at Orange County Plumbing Champions are trained in it. This technology has been in vogue for some years now and been used by the US government, universities, hotels and US government for various projects. Once the cleaning is complete, you will have no fear of contamination and your family can safely drink the water.

Why Choose Orange County Plumbing Champions?

Orange County Plumbing Champions offer a cost effective no digging alternative to traditional dig methods. Technicians at Orange County Plumbing Champions are given sufficient training to master this advanced technique. Orange County Plumbing Champions use epoxy pipe lining system to replace sewers, underground pipes and drains without replacing surface materials like sidewalks, porches, driveways, parking lots and roadways.